In sport and physical activity for people with disability

In this unique e-book, developed and edited by The Inclusion Club, you'll learn all about the inclusion of people with disability into sport and physical activity programs from four experienced world expert practitioners.
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About the book

What is Inclusion is all about explaining and demystifying what inclusion is as it relates to people with disability and sport. Our four Contributors have decades of experience between them and, in these interview transcripts, offer insights and practical advice that will further your understanding of inclusion.
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Who are the Contributors?
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Martin Mansell

Martin Mansell has been involved in disability sport since 1975. First as a competitor with 2 Paralympic Games, two World, two European championships and 15 other international competitions (last games 1998 Seoul, 1 gold 2 sliver 1 bronze, Swimming) and later as a coach.

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Steffi de Jong

Steffi is co-founder and Impact Director of Playable. She is passionate about using the power of sport for social change. Steffi co-founded PlayAble while still at university. After receiving her Masters degree in Adapted Physical Activity in Leuven, Oslo and Stellenbosch and a Masters degree in Implementation and Evaluation of Sport Projects at the Paris 10 University, she was committed to impacting on the lives of people with disabilities.

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Eli Wolff

Eli Wolff is the Director of the Sport and Development Project at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Eli sees sport as a social development tool, not simply a form of entertainment. His work originally focused on disability, as he researched and advocated for the inclusion of disabled athletes in collegiate, professional, and Olympic sports.

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Hamish Macdonald

Hamish is a tireless advocate, educator, administrator and leader in the field of sport and inclusion. He is a Senior Project Officer at the Australian Sports Commission and veteran Paralympic athlete.

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